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Easily check your customer's web browser make, version and settings

Tired of explaining to your customers how to check their browser version or if they have JavaScript enabled?
What if you email them a link and receive all the information the moment they open it?

How does it work?

  1. Register with us and set up your own checker page, for example:
  2. Create a link for your customer - manually or using our generator, example:
  3. Email the link to your customer and ask him to click it.
  4. Instantly receive an email with a full report on your customer's browser.


Custom checker page with instant reports by email
Custom subdomain
Custom domain, e.g. PRO
Custom logo
Custom CSS PRO
Custom variables in the URL (passed in email reports)
Link generator with URL shortener
Multiple languages (currently English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Danish, Japanese and Chinese)
Detections (see below)
Selecting & sorting detections PRO
Custom content boxes (image, text) PRO
Custom feedback form boxes PRO
Redirecting user to a custom URL after collecting data PRO
Displaying custom page instead of our "boxes" PRO
Hiding ads PRO
Priority email support PRO


Browser make & version
Operating system
Mobile device
Screen resolution
Current viewport
Pixel ratio
Color depth
IP Address
Time zone
Facebook login status
Google login status
Ad blockers
Connection speed (measured on our or your server) PRO

Is it free?

Most of the features and almost all detections are available for free.
We also offer a PRO Account with more customizations, feedback collecting features and connection speed measuring.


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