asking your customers what browser they're using.
explaining to them how to find their browser versions.
Learn your customer browser details, without even
having to ask.
  • create a custom checker page with your logo and subdomain
  • send the URL to your customer
  • receive a full report by email the moment they open the link
  • all this for free, forever



Your reports will include:
  • browser make & version
  • operating system & version
  • mobile device
  • screen resolution
  • viewport size
  • pixel ratio (on mobile)
  • color depth
  • JavaScript availability
  • Java availability & version
  • Flash availability & version
  • Silverlight availability & version
  • Cookies availability
  • user's IP address
  • user's geo-location
  • user's browser language
  • user's time zone
  • social logins status
  • ad blocking plugins
  • your custom variables.

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